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Chapter 4 Institute

CHAPTER FOUR INSTITUTE of Mentorship, Personal Development and Leadership for Africa is a newly formed demand-driven institution. The Institute offers mentorship, personal development and leadership skills using specific authentic modules specially created by the founder based on the various demands from people needing to shift their base and “be all they were born to be”. Njeri is responding to myriad requests all over Africa to mentor and support the development of especially young people and women. In addition, Ms Kabeberi has observed a stalemate or a stagnation of many highly educated and as well as uneducated people in the continent who are in the “wait and see” category as opposed to actively living out their full potential so as to support their personal development and that of the African continent.


Her company Chapter Four Programs and Projects Limited was inspired by the Constitution of Kenya 2010 [Bill of Rights] which is under Chapter Four. Njeri participated heavily in influencing the new Kenya constitution, and campaigned heavily for the Bill of Rights Chapter having been influenced by her human rights work in Kenya, Africa and Internationally.

Ms Kabeberi sees the close correlation between the Bill of Rights covered under Chapter Four of the Kenya constitution with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, which she also played a small role in.

With her demand-driven Institute, Njeri intends to sow the seed of development all over Africa through personalized mentorship, personal development and leadership skills working with and developing trainers across the continent in the coming five years.

Her strategy of three phases will be piloted in Kenya for a year, using lessons learnt from the pilot, she will embark on phase two training of trainers from across the continent and phase three which will be looking at regional offices of the project within the five political-economic blocks of Africa (ECOWAS, IGAD, EAC, SADC and CAFI).  The training is carefully developed to play the three roles of [Mentorship, Personal Development and Leadership].


Having worked within the continent and internationally, Njeri sees the urgent need to raise the value and the standards of the African workforce if we are to develop the continent to be a worthy competitor in the world market. The training aims to bring the best of each individual.